Today we’re happy to bring you the latest free content update to Aven Colony on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; the Expedition Update! This brings a host of new content and features to Aven Colony, bringing the console versions the content already available on Steam. With a new and expanded Expedition system, remote colonies, custom trade contracts, new buildings, new upgrades and a new enemy type, this free update is bringing a lot of new content to the game, adding even more depth to the experience!

1.0.4 Patch Notes (PS4 & Xbox One)

  • Updated the expedition interface – expedition interface now works in real-time
  • Updated the expedition interface – colony status indicators can now be viewed on the expedition menu
  • Updated the expedition interface – game speed can be changed from the expedition menu
  • Threat indicator added for approaching creep and plague spores
  • Added 4 new remote installation buildings that can be built on the expedition screen:
    • Settlements: micro-colonies outside your main colony, and over time, you can set up custom trade contracts with them.
    • Missile Launchers defend your colony from threats approaching on the overworld map.
    • Solar Arrays collect huge amounts of solar power and beam it back to your colony.
    • Deep Core Mines continuously collect minerals from deep underground and give them to the nearest Remote Settlement so you can acquire them with trade.
  • Added 4 new buildings for the main colony:
    • Ark Launcher for building remote installations
    • Colony Terminal, new residential structure
    • Transceiver, uses solar energy to power colonies
    • Tier 2 Expedition Center: improves existing expedition ships
  • Added Custom Trade contracts – custom contracts can be set up with remote settlements
  • Added Cultist Airships – new enemy type
  • Added new campaign objectives for new expedition features

The team is currently working hard on the free Content Drop 3, which will add even more content and features to the game on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One very soon!

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