Woodland Games and Team17 Digital have announced that the medical-horror sim Autopsy Simulator will arrive on PC in 2024. Originally announced in 2022, the first-person horror experience will give players control of a forensic doctor battling his inner demons while undertaking autopsies in the 1990s. Check out the gruesome, Re-Announce trailer for Autopsy Simulator below!

Autopsy Simulator will see players study realistic case files, created in collaboration with real-world forensic practitioners, to help guide their examinations and dissections. Utilising medically authentic tools and procedures, players will learn all they can about the deceased before unraveling the mystery of their deaths.

In the standalone story mode, Dead Memories, players will dive into the story of Jack Hanman. After his life takes a turn for the worse, Jack must battle his inner demons while performing a range of gruesome post-mortem procedures in this narrative-driven psychological horror experience. 

Autopsy Simulator Key Features:

Gruesome anatomical detail and medically certified autopsy procedures: Dissect anatomically accurate bodies using a range of autopsy procedures and tools authentic to real-world practice. 

Realistic true crime scenarios: Study a range of case files designed by real-life pathomorphologists and forensic doctors, then use what you learn to guide each autopsy.  

Narrative-driven story mode with simulation gameplay: In Autopsy Simulator: Dead Memories, follow a gripping personal mystery while performing medically accurate autopsy procedures vetted by a certified pathologist.  

Release date soon to follow. Until then, keep those scalpels sharp Pathomorphologists!

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