Hello everyone,

Today we’re thrilled to announce the Thanksgiving content update for Automachef is live!

Cook all of your festive treats human style in a bid for cuisine domination in this resource management puzzler!

Here’s a few of the big content additions and changes:

    • One new machine: Oven.
    • Three new levels.
    • Four new recipes: Cornbread, Pumpkin Pie, Roast Turkey, Sweet Potatoes Side.
    • Several new ingredients: Pumpkin, Fresh Herbs, Onion, Cornmeal, Sweet Potato, Milk, etc.
    • Two new contracts for Contracts Mode.

This is the Oven in action, guaranteed to simulate the feeling of being cooked the old fashioned way by a carbon based life form.

Feast your eyes on some of the added festive treats humans love to consume this time of year.

These are some of the new levels and contracts that require you to compute solutions and create the most efficient kitchens!

Here’s the rest of the changes and fixes in this patch:

Quality of Life

    • Shortcuts to move machines, clone machines, create blueprints and view recipes tools.
    • Drag with the mouse to select parts in order to clone, move or make a blueprint out of them at any time.
    • Making different control machines have different connection wire colours.
    • Highlight connection wires when hovering over a machine with the mouse pointer.
    • Bugfix: the wrong preview image was displayed in some contracts.
    • Bugfix: while a long robotic arm’s put-down range is set to “1 tile away” they used to stretch beyond their normal range to place ingredients inside an assembler.
    • Bugfix: connection cables in Skyscraper levels were black.
    • Bugfix: in the Test Site the ingredients filter dropdown in robotic arms could take a long time to get populated.
    • Bugfix: there was some text not wrapping correctly in the orders list while playing in German.
    • Bugfix: when cloning a robotic arm with operation mode set to Left or Right its arrow would sometimes not be displayed correctly.
    • Bugfix: if the simulation was stopped while a Sprinkler was active, it would start operating again when restarting the simulation.
    • Bugfix: several issues regarding the Contracts Mode screens when playing with a controller.

Modding Support

    • New version of the SDK to allow players to specify the result of baking ingredients in the oven.
    • New version of the Mod Creation Guide that lists the new ingredients and dishes and explains how to set up the result of baking ingredients in the oven in the SDK.

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