Get ready to set up shop in Amber Isle!

Today we’re thrilled to announce a partnership between Team17 Digital and Northern Irish game developer Ambertail Games to publish upcoming dino-centric shop management sim, Amber Isle. Watch our new Announcement trailer below:

Welcome to Amber Isle, a friendly village fit to bursting with an eclectic mix of prehistoric animals which we call Paleofolk! Coming soon to Steam and Nintendo Switch, players will manage a shop in Amber Isle, as players stock their shop with everything their Paleo-pals might need.

Each customer has their own unique needs and behaviours, so players will need to haggle, pawn, and counter-offer to get the best price possible, making their shop a resounding success and saving Amber Isle from the brink of fossilisation.

Amber Isle – Key Features:

🛒 Open Shop!

Customise, name, and run your shop your way – use the profits to unlock new shop decor, walls, floors, and more, making the space uniquely yours.

🏝️ Rebuild the Island

Rebuild, decorate, and unlock new areas to explore on Amber Isle, and with enough improvement, Paleofolk will start to take up residence on the island permanently.

🦕 Meet the Neighbours

Ambler Isle is home to 48 different Paleofolk to befriend, including Ice Age mammals, Permian amphibians, marine life, invertebrates, and more.

🥰 Ready to design Paleo-you?

Design your very own Paleofolk, who you’ll play as in Amber Isle! Players will be able to express their penchant for the prehistoric by changing clothing, crests, and colours, to create your perfect paleo-persona.

We hope you are excited for Amber Isle! More news coming soon… 👋


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