A patch is live now for Ageless on Steam & Nintendo Switch! 🏹

This patch fixes bugs that were present in the game, full patch notes below:

  • Ageless UI toggles on/off instead of having to hold it down.
  • Water breathing duration increased by 0.3s
  • Lock on now works as intended
  • Wobble/Jitter improved on certain controllers
  • Lock on now has visual and audio indicators
  • Title Music Volume lowered
  • Exodus Volume adjusted
  • Remnant Bush shot count required to age/de-age reduced from 3 to 2 arrows
  • Arms no longer retract instantly on stage transition
  • Added grace time to become Ageless more easily after bouncing off Remnant Bush Creature
  • Whale mount input now more responsive

We hope these tweaks and changes help you onyour journey through the mystical lands of Pandora!

Ageless is out now!

Nintendo Switch: bit.ly/AgelessNintendo

Steam: bit.ly/AgelessSteam

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