Ageless is available on Nintendo Switch & PC today!

Get ready to embark on a puzzle platformer that follows the story of Kiara as she sets off on a journey of self-discovery. Armed with a magical bow that ages and de-ages the flora and fauna around her, players must help Kiara navigate the world and uncover her truth in an emotive storyline!

Key Features:

Harness magic and manipulate life cycles:

Use the power of Kiara’s magical bow to age and de-age flora and fauna and solve puzzles standing in your way!


Overcome the intricate world:

Puzzle solving and precision platforming gameplay combine to create a compelling world to explore!

Uncover Kiara’s truth:

Unpick and explore Ageless’ emotive storyline, and interact with various important characters with their own stories to tell!

Release times:

Get the game:

Nintendo Switch


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