Good news!

Bunnylord has spoken and announced that both the NOT A HERO: SUPER SNAZZY EDITION & OlliOlli2 XL Edition will be launching exclusively on Xbox One on May 24th!

With the NOT A HERO: SUPER SNAZZY EDITION giving us mere mortals the ability to play as BunnyLord for the first time as well as new and exclusive content entitled “Me, Myself and BunnyLord“, which consists of three new levels and four bonus side missions, you’d best clear your diary!

But wait, there’s more! Drop into Olliwood in OlliOlli2: XL Edition and prepare for finger-flippin’ mayhem in the sequel to the cult hit OlliOlli! This side-scrolling skate-’em-up will contain five worlds, 50 amateur and pro levels, as well as an additional 250 challenges and split screen Combo Rush mode. The XL Edition also includes the funky fresh FreeSkate mode, allowing you to practice your moves across five new and unique levels.

You’ll be able to unleash awesome on Xbox One May 24th at these BunnyLord approved prices:


£9.99 / €12.99 / $12.99

OlliOlli2 XL Edition

£9.99 / €12.99 / $14.99

or get both at a discounted bundle price in the BunnyLord Pro Hater Pack 

£14.99 / €19.49 / $20.99

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