Worms Rumble launches this December & Open Beta November 6th!

Worms Rumble launches this December & Open Beta November 6th!


Hey everyone,

Today we are incredibly excited to announce that Worms Rumble will be launching on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Steam this December! 

Worms Rumble is the latest instalment in the Worms franchise! Launching this December you’ll be able to jump into intense, real-time battles with unto 32-players! You can squad up or fight solo in different game modes from Deathmatch to Last Worm Standing. Worms Rumble will feature a variety of fan-favourite weapons as well as new additions to the franchise! 

So to celebrate this awesome news we’ve put together a new trailer for you that reveals a new, never before seen level as well as some new items…

Let’s take a look at some of the new trailer reveals shall we!


Introducing Portal Park


Today we’re happy to showcase the second map in Worms Rumble, Portal Park!

This shiny new map takes place in a sports stadium and includes a mix of wide open spaces as well as narrow vent spaces to increase battle tension, challenging players to learn and adapt their fighting styles during matches. 

Portal Park is split into two clear-cut districts, the upper half of the map features the stadium area. This area focuses mostly on artillery and aerial style combat. As for the second sector, the lower half of the map, you’ll find the underground train station and tracks. In this area you’ll find vents and smaller spaces where you’ll find it easier to launch surprise attacks. 

Oh and the best part? The trains move! Climb on to the roof of the moving trains and live out your favourite action movie scenes as you take out worm after worm.


New Mobility Gadgets


The fun doesn’t stop with the map, we also have some new gadgets to showcase that’ll bring that James Bond fantasy to life a bit more than the moving trains! 


The Grappling Gun 

A close cousin of the Ninja Rope, the Grappling Gun rewards skillful worms with unrivaled mobility and speed, allowing you to swiftly navigate through the map, change your momentum and even access hard to reach locations.

Worms that become comfortable with this tool will also find many useful applications for the Grappling Gun during a firefight too…


The Jetpack

You may recognise the Jetpack from past Worms games, and we are happy to be bringing this gadget back into Worms Rumble. 

Catch your opponents off guard by taking off into the skies or drop in with a surprise attack, regardless you’ll be able to gain the upper hand with our fan favourite Jetpack gadget. 


Fashion – The True Endgame?

Worms Rumble is sure to be packed with all kinds of cosmetics to have your worm looking as fashionable as ever. 

There will be cosmetic options for Hats, Face wear, Skin patterns, and Teeth. Yes you read that right, TEETH! Also, as you complete matches and challenges to gain more XP and rank up, you’ll be able to unlock new cosmetics. 

If you pre-order Worms Rumble here on Steam you’ll be gifted with the unique cosmetics pack ‘New Challenger’! This pre-order pack will contain an exclusive outfit, beanie, skin pattern, baseball bat skin, player banner and challenger title!


Pre-Order Worms Rumble Now! 

If all of this has peaked your interest then now is your chance to pre-order Worms Rumble right now! Secure your pre-order on Steam to get the exclusive ‘New Challenger’ pack and support us ahead of launch. 

You can also help support us by adding Worms Rumble to your Steam Wishlist

We hope you enjoyed today’s news and are as excited for Worms Rumble as we are! We look forward to chatting about it with you over on the forums and then joining you in a deathmatch battle during the open beta on November 6th.


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