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Forged Battalion – Supply Drop One is live!

Today we’re excited to announce that Supply Drop One is available now on Forged Battalion! Supply Drop One takes Forged Battalion’s Early Access journey to the next level with: Five brand new campaign missions – Take the battle for freedom to Europe as you go on the offensive against The Collective. Tier 4 attachments – Upgrade your infantry, vehicles, aircraft and buildings with new weaponry and armour that harnesses the […]

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Forged Battalion Livestream with Frank Klepacki!

Today we’re excited to announce a special livestream with Frank Klepacki – Composer, musician and creator of iconic pieces of video game music that any veteran RTS player will recognise. Tomorrow’s stream will give you the chance to watch us take on Frank at Forged Battalion, the very game he composed! Not only that, we’ll be taking viewer questions and in-game challenge requests. Will you take this unique opportunity to […]

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Forged Battalion – Patch Two Live Now!

Patch Two is now live for Forged Battalion, bringing with it sweeping changes to unit balance and mod effects based on player feedback as well as some quality of life bug fixes. Working closely with the Forged Battalion community has allowed us to develop the title through Early Access in a way that combines the vision of the development team alongside the wants and needs of our players. Patch Two […]

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Forged Battalion Available Now on Steam Early Access

Today we’re excited to announce that Forged Battalion, the innovative and dynamic new take on real-time strategy from Command & Conquer veterans, Petroglyph Games, is now available on Steam Early Access. Whether you’re a veteran real-time strategy player or someone new to the genre Forged Battalion has something for you. You’ll be tasked with going beyond the role of Commander and gain ultimate control over your faction’s units, buildings, superweapons […]

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Forged Battalion Launches on Steam Early Access January 16th 2018!

Reinforcements have arrived! Today we’re very excited to reveal that Forged Battalion, the innovative and dynamic new take on the real-time strategy genre from Command & Conquer veterans Petroglyph will be available via Steam early access on 16th January 2018. In Forged Battalion you’ll be tasked with building and customising your own unique faction as you fight in a variety of skirmish, solo and multiplayer battles. You will create, customise, […]

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Introducing Forged Battalion!

Welcome, Commander. Today we are excited to reveal our partnership with veteran RTS developer, Petroglyph Games, to bring you an innovative new real-time strategy game that puts you in command of your own unique fighting force. That game is Forged Battalion. In Forged Battalion you will be tasked with building and customising your own unique faction as they fight in a variety of skirmish, solo, and multiplayer battles. You will not only […]

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