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Worms 3

General Troubleshooting

All Platforms
Match data corruption

Under various circumstances, an async game may become corrupt.

Games which become corrupt may exceed the 3 day timeout for online games. If a match was in the Final Turn, it may also not be possible to remove it manually, using the Forfeit button (red ‘x’ icon).

If a game does not timeout, it may remain in your online menu until a server clean-up is performed.

To avoid match data corruption, please try and follow the steps outlined below:

  • Only attempt to continue matches on the device that they were originally started on
  • Sync your data to the cloud before exiting the game – Choose Overwrite when starting the game
  • Avoid exiting the game forcible. For Android devices – Please use your devices back button to show the exit options
  • Avoid crashes or force closures of the game when taking turns, sending turns or syncing
General controls

To view a comprehensive How to Play guide, please tap the question mark (‘?’) icon on the main menu screen.

Unable to install to SD card

The game is either attempting to install or has installed to an SD card by default. To resolve the issue, please re-/install the game directly to your device.

To do this, please follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that your device has sufficient space to install the game (on its internal memory)
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Storage
  • Choose to Unmount SD Card
  • Attempt to install the game

This should force the game to install directly to your device, bypassing your internal SD card.

Once the game is installed to your device, you should be able to re-mount your SD card and transfer the app onto it (should you choose to).


Please ensure you have notifications enabled for the game.

To do this, please go into your device Settings > Application Manager > Worms 3 > check that Show Notifications is ticked.

Should this already be the case, it’s likely that there is a communication issue between your device and the servers.

To resolve this issue, we would like to recommend that you please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > Worms 3.
    2. Force Close Worms 3, so that it is no longer running.
    3. Whilst still in Settings > Applications, go to Google Play services > clear data.
    4. Whilst still in Settings > Applications, go to Google Play Store > clear data.
  2. Whilst still in Settings > Applications, go to Worms 3 > clear data and clear cache.
    6. Turn your device off, then turn it back on again.
    7. Attempt to launch and play Worms 3.

If you have installed the game on multiple devices, please be sure to perform these steps for each.


If you are experiencing audio or video problems with Airplay, please follow the link below to ensure that you have Airplay correctly configured:


Yosemite Keyboard / Mouse Input

There are some known issues with Mac users running on outdated Yosemite machines, which affect input.

To resolve any input issues, we would like to recommend that you update to the latest version of both the game and the Yosemite operating system.

If your issue persists after attempting these actions, please restart your system.

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