Sheltered Raids Update – Fight Back!

Sheltered Raids Update – Fight Back!



You said, we listened.

Thanks to feedback from you, our passionate players, we’re excited to reveal a community driven update to Sheltered (PC)!

When raiders come to murder and pillage at your Shelter your family and their comrades will now take up arms and fight back! No longer will raiders have the upper hand, now they have to deal with your family and their drive to survive and protect those important to them.

We’ve summarized the main changes below for your reading pleasure:

Main changes:

• 1v1 combat now initiates between an inhabitant and a raider when they get close to each other within the shelter.
• New combat location “The Shelter”.
• Close quarters weapons can be taken into combat within the shelter if the item is in the shelter inventory when the raid begins. (Weapons are automatically assigned based on strength and damage dealt.)
• Traps now deal damage instead of killing NPC characters outright.
• Inhabitants can wear Good and Excellent body armour during shelter combat, if the item is in the shelter inventory when the raid begins.


For the full update notes, including balance changes and to join in the discussion check out the official Sheltered Steam forums HERE.


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