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    • TIGA Awards 2015
      Diversity Award
      Beyond Eyes
    • TIGA Awards 2015
      Outstanding Leadership
      Debbie Bestwick, Team17
    • MCV Awards 2015
      Person of the Year
      Debbie Bestwick
    • ID@Xbox
      Mega Sales Award
      The Escapists
    • Develop Awards 2015
      Publishing Hero
    • BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2015
      Chris Davis
      Mouldy Toof, The Escapists
    • TIGA Awards 2015
      Playtonic Games
    • TIGA Awards 2014
      “Best Publisher”
    • Develop Awards 2014
      “Business Development”
    • UKIE’s gamescom
      UK Game of Show 2014
      The Escapists
    • App Store
      Best of 2013
      Worms 3
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