Neon Abyss Nintendo Switch Patch!

Neon Abyss Nintendo Switch Patch!


Hey everyone,

The run’n’gun roguelike Neon Abyss has just received a patch with some important fixes and top community requests for the Nintendo Switch version. A large portion of this update has already rolled out to PS4, Xbox One, Steam, GOG and Epic versions but there were extra issues needed to be addressed for this version, sorry for the extra wait. Thank you to everyone for your invaluable reports and patience, we’re excited for people to get back into the game!

Nintendo Switch specific fixes:

  • Fixed issue where remapped controls aren’t saved between sessions
  • Fixed issue where character dissapears
  • Fixed several community reported crashes
  • Fixed issues where seeds weren’t saving
  • Fixed some performance issues on bosses (performance will continue to be worked on in further patches)
  • Fixed issue where remapped controls weren’t saving between sessions

Changes on all versions:

  • Black screen after teleporting bug fix.
  • No item in item room fix.
  • Removed Vibrant Ball, Peter and Jack. (As we rework the pet system & pets)
  • Cursor not confined to fullscreen fix. (PC Game Pass)
  • French keyboard compatibility added. (PC Game Pass)
  • Fix for credits not scrolling.
  • Saya animation bug fix.
  • Windows 10 XB1 controller fix. (PC Game Pass)
  • Windows 10 minimising fix. (PC Game Pass)
  • Fix for game being rate limited.
  • Credits updated.

We’ll be sharing our future plans and roadmap for update 1 soon, going forward we hope to have updates be much closer together if not simultaneous across all of the platforms!

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