Not sure what My Time At Portia is about? Unsure of whether it will run on your PC?

We’re pleased to announce that a brand new demo for My Time At Portia is now available on the Steam store!

The new demo reflects the game in its current state, as a lot has changed since the last demo.

PLEASE NOTE: Game saves from the My Time At Portia Demo ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with the full version of the game. Please start a New Game and remove any previous saves.

You’ll be able to set up your workshop, play through story and side quests, and get a taste of life as a builder in My Time At Portia.

Whether you’re looking to build up your workshop, explore the area, or get to know the people of Portia and pursue a relationship – download the free demo now and give My Time At Portia a go before buying the full game.

If you enjoy the demo, add the game to your wishlist to stay up to date with the latest news as we journey through Early Access.

We’ll be adding lots of content to the game, including new characters, areas, missions and farming!

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