My Time At Portia has just received another content update! Here’s what you can expect to see in the Autumn Festival update.

This update adds a brand new calendar event to the game – the Autumn Festival. This event takes place on the 20th day of Autumn every year and includes a vegetable growing competition and a cook-off! You’ll now also be able to get hints for recipes from the local tavern owner – which will be incredibly useful during the cook-off!

Grow the biggest vegetable and compete against the citizens of Portia!

Cook tasty dishes in the brand new Portia Cook-Off!

Life at home has been given some upgrades too. Along with a queen size bed, this content update also introduces new spouse interactions and shared furniture, as well as new wallpaper, flooring and decorative items!

Outside of the home, you can explore a new area in the desert dungeon and a new abandoned ruin, visit new fishing spots, and take photos with the non-human residents of Portia too!

The dev team have been working hard on optimisation while in early access too. The Autumn Festival update improves frame rate performance by roughly 20% across the board – this should create a smoother gameplay experience for lots of players.

You can read more about this update, and see the full changelist on Steam HERE.

My Time At Portia is currently available in early access on Steam, and will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date.

If you’re not familiar with the game, check out our ’10 Things to do in My Time At Portia’ post, or head over to Steam and check out the free demo!

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