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Worms W.M.D Editor Notes

The W.M.D Editor is an application that allows importing of PNGs (and jpegs) to be used as landscapes. They can then be uploaded to Steam Workshop and shared online.

It can be found within the Tools submenu of the Steam Library.


The full landscape size is 8192×4096 (while this is around 4x the Worms Armageddon standard landscape size, be aware that the worm is roughly double over WA).

Anything not 100% transparent will be counted as collision. Creating a new image (PNG) with a fully transparent background, then pasting a cut-out of your required image is one method.

Note that it isn’t possible to edit transparency / alpha on jpegs.

File Menu

  • New: Clears the current landscape (with confirmation).
  • Import Landscape: Allows you to select an existing .png to load as a landscape. This will overwrite any exiting landscape you have loaded.
  • Import Hat: Allows you to import a .png to use as a hat.
  • Import Building: Allows you to import the three layers of a building (Front, Collision and Background).
  • Publish: Opens the publish dialog when you are ready to submit your landscape to Steam Workshop.
  • Exit: Exits the Worms W.M.D Editor (with confirmation).

View Menu

  • World Info: Toggles the World Info panel on and off.

worm-weaponRender Menu

  • Render Environment: Toggles the sky and background on and off (These will still be rendered in game, setting background to simple ingame will remove the sky).
  • Render Grid: Toggles the grid on and off.


Opens the help window and link to the Editor notes (online).

Building Editor

You can now add buildings to your landscapes. You can create your own or use published buildings created by others.

To add a building either subscribe to one through Steam Workshop or create one yourself via File> Import building. This will prompt you to import the three layers of a building (Front, Collision and Background). These three layers must be the same dimensions.

Once a building has been imported it will appear on the Resources list. From here you can drag onto your landscape and position it.

PNGs should be used as it isn’t possible to edit transparency / alpha on jpegs.

W.M.D Building Notes

  • A building is composed of 3 layers (Front, Collision and Background).
  • Only the Collision Layer has collision (worms, payloads, explosions).
  • Any land damage to the Collision layer will destroy it (just like regular landscape).
  • This also destroys the Front layer (slightly larger so that you can see landscape).
  • The Background Layer can never be destroyed.
  • When a worm passes over the Background Layer the Front layer is removed.
  • There can be holes in the front layer to see inside the building without being in it.
  • There can be holes in the Background Layer, when a worm is fully over this hole he will be classed as not in building and the front will be shown.
  • Building Background Layer will delete any regular landscape they are placed on top of (unless there is a hole).
  • You can have a maximum of seven buildings on a landscape.
  • The maximum size of each building is 4096 x 2048.
  • Buildings can be rotated through Transformations, Rotation in Object properties.
  • You can place buildings close together, overlapping slightly (as seen in the Carentan tunnel systems) but as they overlap more it can look confusing.
  • Top tip, in most cases you’ll want to cut away the foreground layer slightly where you have building entrances so that you can see where openings are. Art on the foreground layer can also reinforce this.

Front layer

Collision layer

Background layer

Hat Editor

The hat editor allows you to create and share you own custom hats. You can create you custom hat via File> Import Hat. This will allow you to select your hat image, preview it and upload to Steam Workshop.

The maximum size is 128×128 (This is used for the frontend version and scaled down ingame)

There is a preview image visible to help verify placement of your hat relative to the worm.

Workshop hats will appear at the top of the Outfits list in Team Customisation. There is also a new Refresh Workshop items button in this menu.

Remember, hats do not have collision.

World Info Panel

Contains information about your level which will be visible through Steam Workshop and properties such as which theme (water, sky, background soil) and whether or not it is a cavern (indestructible border and strike weapons disabled).

  • Name: Allows you to name your landscape.
  • Description: Lets you to add a description for your landscape.
  • Theme: Sets the theme for the landscape (this affects the water, sky, background soil).
  • Is Cavern: Sets the landscape to be a cavern, this adds indestructible borders, limits the camera and disables strike weapons.

Landscape View

Shows how your landscape will look in game and its position in the game world.

Info Bar

Displays X,Y coordinates.

Publish Dialog

Found within the file menus, allows you to publish your landscape to Steam Workshop.

  • Update existing level: Whether or not to publish as new content or to update an existing landscape.
  • Title: The name of your landscape (also takes entry from World Info). Used for Workshop.
  • Description: The description of your landscape (also takes entry from World Info). Used for Workshop.
  • Preview Image: Allows you to select an image of your landscape for use on Steam Workshop and in the in game preview. Clicking ‘S’ will generate an image using the current landscape, alternatively you can select an existing image.
  • Visibility: You can select if the landscape is Public, Friends only or Private on Steam Workshop.
  • Agree to terms / view terms: Allows you to view the Steam subscriber agreement. You must agree to the terms before you can publish your landscape.

Accessing landscapes in game

Once your landscape is uploaded to steam you will need to subscribe to your uploaded landscape for it to appear in game.

Once ingame, Workshop landscapes can be found in the Advanced Landscape options under Load. Here your subscribed levels are listed; highlighting one and selecting confirm will load that landscape.

When playing online, if a client doesn’t have the Workshop landscape they will temporarily download it for the match.

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