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Ready or Not


This is Ready or Not!

Ready or Not is a tactical shooter that drops players into the role of elite operatives working to diffuse a range of hostile situations.

You’ll be breaching, clearing and engaging in stealth tactics to successfully complete missions. The strategic use of tactical equipment will have a dramatic impact on your mission, giving rewarding outcomes to the tactically minded.

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How you choose to engage with each scenario will be pivotal to the outcome.

Do you use deadly force or non-lethal options? What is the best way to maximise your squad’s teamwork to ensure all hostages are safely rescued?

Split second decisions just like these will be down to you!

Tactical Teamwork: Command a squad of operatives and plan how to approach each situation before breaching and clearing

More than just guns: Riot shields, mirror guns, smoke grenades, and more can be utilised to prevent or assist with a firefight

Civilian safety: The lives of civilians are on the line, and each shot will need to be carefully considered to reduce collateral damage

Realism at its core: From bullet penetration to team communication, Ready or Not is built around realistic non-military combat situations

Customisation and equipment: Each loadout can be tailored by players, and will dramatically influence chances of success, including guns, attachments, shields, and surveillance tools.


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Published: 22nd March 2021

Introducing Ready or Not! Coming Soon To PC

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