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We’re Independent, just like you…

Team17 is one of the world’s longest running independent game studios. We’ve been in business for over 24 years, and have released over 200 SKUs globally on just about every platform that you can think of!

We were among the first to start developing for mobile platforms in 2001, and became a digital publisher in 2007. We’ve had number one hits on every digital platform!

Our experienced team offers a range of services. We can help you bring your game to market.

About those services…

WE can help YOU…

  • Grow and develop your studio with friendly but critical advice.
  • Produce and Develop your game, by calling on the experience of a very talented team.
  • Get the word out with expert marketing, PR and cross-promotion opportunities.
  • Localise, Usability Test and QA your game, and offer Age Ratings support.
  • Sales, Distribution and Lifecycle Management help keep your title relevant post launch. Our Business Development team won the Develop 2014 Award!
  • We can supply additional Development Resources along with select funding to help get you across the line!
  • Reach store holders by presenting and selling your game to Steam, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Google, Samsung and MANY others for bundle sales direct to customers.
  • We have Customer Support staff working full time on the message boards of the various platforms to trouble shoot and fix problems as they arise.
  • Compatibility test your game with up to 150 different machine specifications.
  • Reach a small army of engaged users through social networks. (Our Worms Facebook page alone has almost one million likes!)

Great PR & Marketing

  • Our internal marketing department can help your game be discovered. We’re gamers ourselves, and have a deep knowledge and passion for the games industry.
  • We have lots of experience in generating and circulating global marketing campaigns, managing the creation of promotional materials and creating content for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. We have a strong presence at expos around the world.
  • We work closely with all Platform holders and Digital stores. Our friendly staff are always on hand to speak to the press and public.

Screen Time

Social media helps us message the players that are engaged with our games, and the games of our development partners!


Get in touch!

We’re working with some of the most talented independent creators to produce amazing games…

Tiger & Squid
Self Made Miracle
Dlala Studios
Italic Pig
Modern Dream
Mouldy Toof Studios
Rocket Rainbow
Just A Pixel
Steamroller Studios

The Trailers...

Get In Touch!

Playable builds are the best way to allow us to assess whether we can help.

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We only work with humans! Please tick the box and enter the information requested.


Gavin Price, Playtonic Games (Yooka-Laylee)
“From day one we’ve been thoroughly impressed by Team 17’s passion for games and its knowledge of making them. Debbie and her team have built an exciting, modern games label that helps creators achieve their goals and keep their independence, while understanding every rigorous box-tick required to get a game released. It’s been a pleasure to work with them during our short time together so far, and we’d encourage other independent studios looking for a partner to get in touch. Unless you’re making a 3D platformer with bats and chameleons – that’s our spot.”
Chris Davis, Mouldy Toof Studios (The Escapists)
"Team17s indie partnership program is more than just a publishing deal. They're experienced developers as well and know what creating a game and bringing it to market is all about. Worms is a prime example of this - an indie game concept they took on board, still going strong nearly 20 years later. The hands on help and resources they've given me on my game The Escapists has been invaluable, and I'm very pleased to be working alongside such a talented and experienced group."
Sherida Halatoe, Tiger & Squid (Beyond Eyes)
“With their help and resources I've been able to take Beyond Eyes to a level that I never imagined possible. I'm now finishing the game with a very experienced and passionate team by my side while keeping complete creative freedom. For a creative but inexperienced developer like me it's an amazing and unique opportunity to get all the insight and experience of working with veterans. For me it is the ultimate incubation program!“
Sony Meek, Unicube (Sheltered)
"Working with Team17 is ideal for indies. It's a real gem having a publisher that comes from a strong development background as they understand you every step of the way. We've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to be part of their partnership program, and it's nothing short of a dream. They're incredibly supportive and their only interest is helping to establish and maintain great independent developers from all walks of life."
Keith Lackey - Steam Roller Studios (Deadwood)
“We’ve worked with other publishers in the past and were left with a bitter taste in our mouth. But our experience with Team17 has been a breath of fresh air. They feel more like a partner than a publisher. They have shown a level of enthusiasm for our game that is only matched by our own. Although we are still very early in production, we are very much looking forward to working with them in the future.”
Rick van Ginkel, Designer/Producer, Self Made Miracle
"By helping us out with marketing strategy, PR, funding and production Team17 has enabled us to go from part-time game development and part-time work-for-hire studio to focus fully on developing Penarium. They never asked for the rights to our IP and we retain complete creative freedom over our product. To us the big advantage Team17 has over other publisher is that they have over 24 years of development experience and know developer struggles from an insider perspective.

Rather than sticking to a certain type of games they publish a very broad line of titles across various genres and platforms. They are always up for an informal chat about any project you working on. On the contrary to most indie publisher they are based in the UK which is a big advantage for us as there are no delays in communication,"
Oliver Clarke, Director at Modern Dream
"Working with Team17 has been a privilege and a pleasure! We chose to work with them not only because of their immense gaming heritage, of which we are big fans, but for their determination and ability to succeed in a very difficult industry. We felt they would bring out the best in us, and they have. Team17 is a crack team of game professionals that know how to get a game to market which is difficult enough, how to spot a diamond that will polish up into a treasure and how to tell the players what's so great about it. Team17 is a great British studio that deserves recognition for the amazing work it's doing,"
Kevin Beimers, Creator/Director at Italic Pig
"Most of the time, the thing that holds indies back from going with a publisher is a question of trust: is my publisher going to treat my game with the care and respect that reflects what I've put into it? Are they truly going to go to bat for my game? Do they have the connections and flair to get it into people's faces better than I could myself? Or are they just looking to fire out a quick press release and collect a cheque for all my hard work?

Team17 has been in the game for over 20 years, and my own love and respect for Worms dates back to the Amiga. They know all the major worldwide players and platforms in the industry (any of which are on speed dial from Debbie Bestwick's office). They have a solid fan base - a genuine, dedicated fan base. And probably the most important point of all, I think it's pretty obvious they know better than anyone how to get mileage out of a product. They get my input every step of the way, have dedicated support and resources toward development and completion, frontend the costs of QA, localisation, testing and marketing (which, let’s face it, no indie ever budgets for), and they are staffed entirely by really, really nice people.

It's clear in the few months I've been working with them that they can do so much more for my game than I could ever have done on my own, and I'm so glad to have their support (not to mention validation!) behind my game. Can't wait for many more years of quantum physics mayhem to come!"
AJ Grand-Scrutton, Dlala Studios
"When the opportunity came up for us to work with Team17 it was an absolute no brainer. Debbie and the guys have been there offering advice since the studio started two years ago. On a personal level they are on the same page as us, they want to do publishing for the right reasons and they understand the need for Independents to have freedom. On a professional level they are a dream to work with. Along with marketing and PR we also can lean on them for support with Development, Art and Production. Their QA team is an absolute dream for a small studio like ours. They get the game completely so when they are offering advice it's good advice not just advice for the sake of it. They also appreciate the fact that we are right pains in the ass sometimes and can be stubborn. This is the longest relationship Craig and I have had with an external party where we haven't fallen out and I think that speaks volumes."

Platforms & Partners

Did we mention we have experience in bringing games to all digital platforms? We’re also great working partners with a host of stores and platform holders!


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  • TIGA Awards 2015
    Diversity Award
    Beyond Eyes
  • TIGA Awards 2015
    Outstanding Leadership
    Debbie Bestwick, Team17
  • MCV Awards 2015
    Person of the Year
    Debbie Bestwick
  • ID@Xbox
    Mega Sales Award
    The Escapists
  • Develop Awards 2015
    Publishing Hero
  • BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2015
    Chris Davis
    Mouldy Toof, The Escapists
  • TIGA Awards 2015
    Playtonic Games
  • TIGA Awards 2014
    “Best Publisher”
  • Develop Awards 2014
    “Business Development”
  • UKIE’s gamescom
    UK Game of Show 2014
    The Escapists
  • App Store
    Best of 2013
    Worms 3
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