Today we’re excited to announce that Forged Battalion, the innovative and dynamic new take on real-time strategy from Command & Conquer veterans, Petroglyph Games, is now available on Steam Early Access.

Whether you’re a veteran real-time strategy player or someone new to the genre Forged Battalion has something for you.

You’ll be tasked with going beyond the role of Commander and gain ultimate control over your faction’s units, buildings, superweapons and economy.

As you grow as a Commander, so will your army. Using resources gained through battle in any of the game’s modes you’ll unlock new options through the metagame Tech Tree. From archetype to armour, locomotor to weapons your choices will make your faction one of a kind.

The Early Access launch content available today gives you:

  • Campaign missions comprising the first act of a multi-act storyline
  • Skirmish maps supporting up to eight players
  • Multiple Skirmish game modes including HQ Destruction and Annihilation
  • Dedicated servers to support multiplayer
  • Five customisable archetypes of vehicles (infantry, light vehicle, heavy vehicle, air and turrets)
  • Resource management of tech tree points earned in tactical battles

Are you ready for battle, Commander?

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