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Sheltered – New Game Mode

Today we’re excited to announce that as part of today’s Sheltered update (Steam), a new mode has been added to the game – Surrounded. You’re Surrounded… A family of three, desperately low on supplies, makes the tough decision to split-up. The father heads out into the wilderness to look for the vital supplies that will keep his family alive, telling them he’ll be back in 50 days with the resources […]

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Sheltered – Game Updates for PC, Xbox One & PlayStation 4!

Survivors, We come with news of changes to the the wasteland on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4!   With new quests, tweaks to combat and the addition of new items on console to bring parity across all versions, this one’s a biggie. Steam Patch Notes New Content: • New quest “The Scavenger”. • New quest “The Missing Child”. • New quest “The Briefcase”. • New quest “Traders Turf”. • […]

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Sheltered Update V1.3

Survivors, It’s update time, which means more content for you because after all your life isn’t complete without a Sentry Gun Trap is it? And it’s turns out surviving and doing stuff is actually pretty tiring, so treat your family to the coffee machine they deserve. Here’s a list of the changes in today’s update: New content: • Added Sentry Gun Trap to workbench tier 4. Heavier duty protection against […]

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Sheltered is now out on Windows 10!

Hey Teamsters, Sheltered has now officially released on Windows 10! Thinking of picking up Sheltered? Here’s a taste of what you can expect; Sheltered is a deep and emotional survival & post-apocalyptic disaster management game. After a global apocalypse, a frightened family find their way to a deserted shelter, where they try to survive. You take on the role of protecting four family members. Their wellbeing and survival is your responsibility. […]

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Sheltered Raids Update – Fight Back!

Survivors, You said, we listened.

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Survivor Journals: Tell us your story

Survivors, It’s time the world, or what’s left of it, knew your stories. Some of you have flourished in your Shelter, turning it into a home despite the grim conditions you have endured. Others haven’t been so lucky, losing loved ones and friends to sickness, malnourishment or the savage remnants of humanity. We want to hear your stories from the apocalypse, be it in diary form, journal, drawing or any […]

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Sheltered Announced For PlayStation 4!

This one’s for all the PS4 Teamsters out there, Post-apocalyptic survival game Sheltered is coming to PlayStation 4!

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Sheltered: Combat and Quests Update!

As we explained in the last announcement, we’ve changed the way that we deliver you updates. We’ve now got to a stage where Steam and Xbox One updates will hit at the same time, with the same content. We’re also splitting our updates into two types, ‘Hatch notes’ and bigger themed updates like this one!The Combat and Quest update shakes things up in a number of ways. We’ve changed the […]

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We’re changing the way that you receive updates for Sheltered. We’ve now got to a stage where Steam and Xbox One updates will hit at the same time with the same content. We’re also splitting our updates into two types, ‘Hatch notes’ and bigger themed updates. The plan is to have regular Hatch Notes updates in-between the big themed updates. And each of these Hatch Notes will be accompanied with […]

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Leaderboard Update!

Time to climb the leaderboards It’s been a little while since our last update, we’ve been busy working on the game and getting the development process in line so that we can release regular updates. We really appreciate your patience and feedback and we’re super excited about todays update and the ones to follow. One of the top requested features that we’ve seen since Sheltered entered Early Access is the […]

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Sheltered Roadmap

The Roadmap … Sheltered has been out on Early Access/Game Preview for just over two weeks and it’s been an amazing to see how the community (You guys and gals) has embraced the game. Some of you have been with us since the Kickstarter campaign, and some of you are newer to the wasteland, but we want to thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and support. We feel that […]

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Sheltered- Update #4

Wasteland Wanderers, It’s time for a huge update… even bigger than the pile of bodies in the soil above your shelter. We’ve been chuckling over your awesomely dark stories and they’ve inspired us to add some exciting new changes to Sheltered. You’ll now be able ‘end the suffering’ of a catatonic character (yep, it’s exactly how it sounds…). And when you’ve got all those bodies and barely any food, what […]

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