A new Content Update is available now, including: new Rebellion Hero – Cyrus; THREE new Units; bug fixes, and more…

Dear Protectors of the Light,

We are ending the year with a bang with our final update for 2022, the Rebellion’s Rise Update brings some impactful and exciting new features to the world of Age of Darkness: Final Stand.


First up, we have The Rebel Arm himself, Cyrus Bravaris.

To champion the forces of The Rebellion, Cyrus is our first ranged Hero and Aelis’ sworn protector. Like our other valiant Heroes, Cyrus’ Skills consist of a Passive, two Active Skills and an Ultimate, to help wipe out all the Nightmares that come for you every night. Read more about Cyrus’s backstory, Skills and unique design in our recent blog post.

Furthermore, each Faction has been bolstered, with each receiving a brand new Unit. The Order will be blessed with the Lightbearer, a Support Unit who has the ability to heal Allied Units and cleanse them of their Horrified Debuff. The Volatists have harnessed Dark Essence to create the Harbinger, a Ranged Support Unit who can buff Allied Units to grant them increased speed. Finally, The Rebellion have gained the Rogue, a Melee Unit who can utilise their Stealth ability to sneak up on enemies as well as Gold-stealing abilities. We showcase these three new Units in the latest deep dive blog that explores their Skills and how each Units fits into their Faction.

Will Cyrus tempt you to change your allegiance to the Rebellion? Maybe you’ll strive to live within the light like the Order do? Or perhaps you’ll want to explore the Darkness that the Volatists have exploited. The choice is yours. Good luck.

Release Notes


  • New Rebellion Hero: Cyrus
  • New Volatist Unit: Harbinger
  • New Order Unit: Lightbearer
  • New Rebellion Unit: Rogue
  • Localisation for New Features

Additional Changes

  • Functionality to Tab through selected Units within a Control Group to view their Skills.
  • Armour System Improvements to better showcase when Armour is being repaired, broken and across multiple Units.
  • Red ‘No Villagers’ icon shows above Buildings if there are insufficient resources when building.
    Visual updates the Skill Tree Icons.
  • UI added to the Fishing Ports when selected to show the amount of Nets being spawned.
  • Simplified UI to Unit Stat Icons, we now have a single icon for Melee / Ranged Range and Melee / Ranged Damage.
  • Control Group ‘+’ button now disappears once all Control Group Slots are filled.
  • Added in Copy Functionality Map Seed on the Settings Pause Screen.
  • Added in a PlaySide & Team17 Splash Screen to appear on game boot-up.

Note: Age of Darkness: Final Stand has received a Steam Deck Compatibility rating of ‘Playable’. The game is functional, however, some UI and text may be harder to read and interact with.


  • Powerful Buff removed from all Units.
  • Spitter HP values lowered on every Tier.
  • Crusher HP values lowered on every Tier.

Design Notes: Powerful was an invisible buff added to the Arbalest and Impaler and all Heroes to grant them bonus damage against large Nightmares. The Armour and Shred system is intended to serve as a visible replacement for this, so we have removed the buff and rebalanced the large nightmares around its removal. Hunters were not benefitting from this, and were therefore dealing significantly less damage than Arbalests against these large Nightmares.

  • Ballista Tower research cost lowered from 700 to 400 Gold.
  • Hunter resource purchase costs lowered – Gold lowered from 800 to 450 and Stone lowered from 20 to 10.
  • Archers gain +2 Shred when Garrisoned in Towers
  • Harbingers gain +2 Shred when Garrisoned in Towers
  • Arbalests gain +5 Shred when Garrisoned in Towers
  • Hunters gain +5 Shred when Garrisoned in Towers

Design Notes: The first Death Night tended to funnel players to some very specific strategies. With shred granted to garrisoned ranged units, we have broadened defensive options, particularly early on, without also speeding up exploration.


  • Fixed a crash that would occur with Alt+Tab input while Units are following an Attack + Move command.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when walking through a Point of Interest.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when fighting an Elite Nightmare and having it despawn on the Night to Day transition.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur from manually destroying a Crystal at night with the Encroaching Darkness Hardship active.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when selling a Triage Tent as it was reviving a Unit.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a save from just before Final Stand.
  • Fixed several crashes related to Hero Skills and casting them.

Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the Fishing Nets that spawned from Fishing Ports were not interactable.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lightning would not display on a Death Night to indicate where Nightmares would appear from.
  • Fixed an issue if Walls or Workshops were destroyed while researching something it could no longer be researched.
  • Fixed an issue where Target Priority was not functioning correctly on Arbalests and Archers Garrisoned in Towers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Armour icon is not displayed on Enemy Portraits when selected.
  • Fixed an issue where Armour would not display on buildings in the World UI.
  • Fixed an issue where Aelis’ Condemned ability did not affect Enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where Aelis’ Eradicate ability could spawn a guard without a buff.
  • Fixed an issue where painting Houses would charge double the amount of required resources.
  • Fixed an issue where the catapult could trap units underneath it.
  • Fixed an issue where Repairing a Building does not always deduct the correct amount of resources.
  • Fixed an issue where Dark Essence collected disappears after a Save/Load.
  • Fixed an issue where Dark Essence dropped cannot be collected after a Save/Load.
  • Fixed an issue where Unit icons do not appear on the Mini Map.
  • Fixed an issue where the hover text would not specify which Resources are insufficient when Building or Training Units.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of Skills available to upgrade was displayed as 00.
  • Fixed an issue where the Blessing UI is still present after completing the first Death Night with the ‘Blessed We Are Not’ Hardship applied.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hunter Trap icon was not showing the correct image in the Hotkey Override Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Units Garrisoned in Towers could be drag selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Move action markers would not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong animation would play on Units when selecting Hold while they are still moving.
  • Fixed an issue where Units will not path to a location correctly if the Attack + Move marker is placed on top of a Building.
  • Fixed an issue where after Vizargo uses his Ultimate Ability the SFX continue to play.
  • Fixed an issue where using Vizargo’s Ultimate Ability would not have him drop Dark Essence.
  • Fixed an issue where Nightmares would not climb out of the fissure on a Death Night.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fishing Nets splash VFX were missing.
  • Fixed an issue whether after discovering a Point of Interest the discovery Audio continues to play.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dangerously Familiar Hardship would turn all Points of Interest into Elite Spawns.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Elite Enemies could spawn on a single POI.
  • Fixed an issue where Elite Points of Interest were missing their terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where the countdown to Death Night Audio is stuck on loop for the rest of the game after performing a Save/Load
  • Fixed an issue where the Music from the Death Night continues to play after the Death Night has finished.
  • Fixed an issue where loading into a game just before the Death Night begins breaks the Audio timing.
  • Fixed an issue where Hero, Stats and Abilities text on the Hero Select screen were not localised for non-English languages.
  • Fixed an issue where the Settings would not revert to Default Settings when applied.
  • Fixed an issue where Sentry Crash Reports were not being sent and received correctly.

Known Issues

  • Some minor instances of Nightmare Stacking have returned.
  • Potential crash when killing Elite Nightmares during the countdown to Final Stand while playing on Nightmare Difficulty.
  • Game will lose functionality if the player stays on the end of round defeat screen for more than five minutes.
  • Cyrus’ Splintering Shot ability can be heard when the camera is not near Cyrus.
  • When activating Vizargo’s Impaling Wrath ability during combat, it will sometimes not trigger the ability and enter a cooldown.
  • Some Hero & Unit Ability VFX can persist temporarily after being cast.
  • Under some circumstances Nightmare Pester Waves can spawn during the day.
  • Garrisoned Units displaying more vision than intended.
  • Trade Bazaar is rounding up purchasable quantities which may result in the player getting 1x less resource than is being displayed.
  • Visual issue with ranged units having projectiles fire off in a random direction if the target is killed with a projectile loose.
  • Horrified Status Effect can be applied before AOE VFX Explosion plays when killing a Wraith enemies.
  • Bursters are not displaying their Armour Shred Damage.
  • Map resource tiles may on occasion be visually missing a square. This missing square does not affect the resources gained when placing a Resource Gatherer on the tiles.
  • Points of Interest can display an Armour Icon next to their loading bar.
  • Locked Perk Tree Skills will display “Unlocks at ‘X’ Level” displayed underneath them, which should only be reserved for Hero Levels.
  • Minimap will display as black when loading an Auto-Save while in-game of the same game file.
  • Building Complete Dust PFX plays on buildings when loading into a save file.
  • Closing the Settings Menu after making changes without clicking “Apply” can result in the changes being applied.
  • Reset Gameplay Tips button is currently not functioning correctly.
  • Some missing localisation strings on the Hotkey Overrides screen for both Cyrus and the Rogue.
  • A rare crash can occur related to audio systems initialising during game Start/Load.

We greatly appreciate everyone who has taken the time to let us know about these bugs and crashes you’ve encountered. If you come across any bugs or crashes in the future, please report them to us either through the Steam forums, our Discord server in the ‘bug-reporting’ channel or using the in-game bug reporting tool.

Till next time Protectors of the Light…

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