Continue on our journey to the Flames of Retribution release, exploring the rich history of Erodar & new key characters

Protectors of the Light,

Continue the journey from our last entry as we learn more about the history of Erodar and its ongoing tensions, glorious triumphs, bitter failure, haughty greed and noble sacrifice – along with its heroic struggles against the unrelenting Nightmares of The Veil.


In an effort to secure more secret Elosan technologies and blood rites for himself, Ezekiel bargained with the Elosan lords, offering resources, crafts, weapons – even human slaves. The Elosa rejected them all. Nothing could be done to sway the Elosa to give up more sacred knowledge.

Increasingly frustrated by what he perceived to be a slight against humanity and an undermining of his own sovereign authority, Ezekiel began to quietly amass weapons of war, training conscripted soldiers from across Erodar in secret in a vicious attempt to usurp the Elosan power structure.

A bloody and prolonged war ensued, plagued by indiscriminate waves of Nightmares that spewed forth from the Veil. Amidst the chaos of battle, Dark Crystals fell into disrepair – and through this neglect, Nightmares took hold once more. Fighting against enemies that vastly outnumbered his army, once more King Ezekiel was humbled in the face of superior Elosan technology and strategy.

The Elosan rulers captured Ezekiel, dragging him in chains to the abyss in the desolate lands of Erodar’s Northeast. It was here that Ezekiel was cast down into The Veil. The fissure was sealed, along with Ezekiel’s fate.

Rather than quelling the ongoing war with Ezekiel’s defeat, the King’s fanatical loyalists were incensed by the death of their leader. The Elosa were wise and powerful, to be sure – but humans were low, cunning and desperate to prevail.

War ravaged Erodar. Human soldiers from far shores and distant lands joined forces to push back the duplicitous Elosa in a final climactic battle that would spell the ultimate downfall of the Elosa and the end of their bloodlines.

From the ashes of the Elosan empire, The Order was formed; Brothers and Sisters were enlisted based on strength and aptitude. Order acolytes were trained to maintain public peace in a post-war land – and do what little they could to repair the Dark Crystals that remained. Without the Elosa, it soon became clear that such repairs were temporary at best. Certain teachings and techniques had gone to dust with the Elosa themselves, despite the late King Ezekiel’s best efforts.

Many thousands of years later, Elosan ruins still dot the landscape, but stories of the Elosa are treated as little more than a creation myth. However, one thing is clear: much sacred Elosan knowledge was lost in the aftermath of the Elosan wars, never to surface again.

Today, the Alderin Empire rule much of Erodar, despite the pressing threat of Nightmares, alongside competing Houses and other factions. Now there are whispers that brush across tongues beside hearthfires and in the halls of power. Dark times bring dark thoughts; without the Elosa, can humanity put an end to the Nightmares of The Veil.


In the Prologue cinematic trailer, we are met with the commanding voice of Bishop Hector Greymont.

Hector sought out orphans to shape into initiates and teach them the ways of The Order. He would assign them under the guidance of one of his prestigious Order Knights to further develop their skills and knowledge. Once they were trained and had come of age, they would continue their studies and fill one of the many Order postings. Under this initiative, Hector has developed a new generation to serve and protect The Order.

As the esteemed Bishop of The Order, Hector’s influence dwindles as his morals and the values of The Order are called into question.


In previous blog entries, the relationship between Edwin and Aelis as teacher and protege has been hinted at, so let us tell you a story of how they came to be in each other’s lives.

The Battle for Erin’s Crossing is where the fall of the Syren empire transpired. At that time, Sir Edwin Everard was sent by The Order to be a part of the Syren King’s Guard, to help fend off impeding forces from the Alderin Empire’s tactical warriors – The Aldegard.

The loss of the Syren’s power would disrupt the balance of power for the entire continent and beyond…

Edwin and the King’s Guard were preparing their defences for the Aldegard to strike, in hopes that they would gain the upper hand. In a desperate attempt to gain the element of surprise, Edwin gathered his own troops to stage a strategic attack. Among his company was his Squire, the youngest Princess, Aelis Syren.

In the heat of battle, the Princess was critically injured. Presumed dead, Edwin reluctantly left her behind. With the fall of House Syren, the Alderin Empire claimed all their lands and people.

After the devastating loss of Erin’s Crossing, Edwin was recalled to High Keep – where he was given the news that there were no surviving heirs to the Syren throne. The loss of Aelis felt like a dagger to the heart for Edwin, he felt a strong paternal bond for her, now carrying the guilt of her death around with him…

A new age was beginning, House Alderin had won the battle for power and began ruling with an iron fist.

Aelis’ apparent death created a sense of longing and emptiness in Edwin..


As the world spirals deeper into darkness, the lines of morality are blurred. Navigate the darkness of Erodar for yourselves, on April 19th, and see how the story unfolds in Flames of Retribution.

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