We’re back to share with you the latest update on My Time at Portia’s development as well some more information on a couple of new features our eligible Kickstarter backers will be able to make use of in our Alpha 3.5 update.

A new and improved save system!

Kickstarter Backers that have played the latest version will have noticed that the save system in the game has been changed! We’ve removed the original save system which was sorted by time and replaced it with one sorted by characters following the Alpha 3.5 update.

In previous versions of My Time at Portia players were able to have up to 24 save files at the same time. However, we’ve noticed that a lot of our players share the game with their families. This means the chances are that they’ll have multiple characters using up save slots on one account. What’s more, an auto-save will be created every day in-game. These factors led us to the conclusion that 24 save spaces is not quite enough for these multiple characters with multiple auto saves every day.

Moving into version 3.5 the save system has been changed into one sorted by different characters. Now players can save up to 100 characters, and each character can have 6 saves. We feel this will make the auto saves as well as saving/loading the game easier to manage.

Chairs – Now with stamina recovery!

Those of you playing on a Kickstarter, non-demo build probably noticed that we’ve been putting a lot of chairs in Portia town, which until now had little purpose. We heard you loud and clear when you fed back that you wanted to be able to interact with these chairs, so we’ve changed things up a bit…

We’d always planned for players to be able to interact with the various items found in Portia, we just weren’t planning on putting this feature live in the Alpha version of My Time at Portia. But thanks to community feedback we’ve started to add this function into the game since update 3.5 and going forward we’ll continue to build upon this feature.

The added player interaction with the chairs isn’t just for show, they bring a benefit to the player character! Sitting on a chair will now restores one stamina every five seconds! What’s more, if the chair looks like a luxury one with a fancy appearance then it will restore even more stamina. Keep in mind though, this isn’t the most efficient way to restore your stamina. There are better ways, but we’ll let you discover those yourself for now…

The changes to saved games and the addition of usable chairs are just two of many new features we’ve added in version 3.5. Some of the mechanics for these new additions, such as the maximum number of save files for each character, or the stamina the players can get restored every second, can be changed in the later game update. So if you have any feedback or suggestions on either of these we’d love you hear from you! You’re welcome to leave us a message about it on Steam, via our Twitter @MyTimeatPortia or email us via admin@pathea.net.

Not played My Time at Portia yet? Get the free demo and add it to your Steam Wishlist HERE.

If you’d like to see some of the new updates in action be sure to watch Portian LadyShelab’s latest YouTube video below where she covers some of the new content in update 3.5:

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