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Sword Legacy: Omen Dev Blog 1 – Strategy RPGs

Hello there, tacticians! I’m Arthur Protasio, narrative director for Sword Legacy: Omen. As you’ve probably noticed, Sword Legacy: Omen is a turn-based tactical RPG. Therefore, for this inaugural developer blog post we’re going to talk about why we chose the strategy genre and what great inspirations motivated the team to head in this direction. Strategy games have always drawn our attention because we all love the thrill of a good […]

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The Escapists 2 Prison Editor Available Now

Today we’re extremely pleased to announce that the long-awaited Prison Editor for The Escapists 2 is available RIGHT NOW! Using Steam Workshop you can create your very own prisons, play them alone or with friends, or even share them with your fellow escapists via Steam Workshop. That of course also means that you can download prisons made by other players, and have a virtually infinite stream of new prisons to […]

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My Time at Portia – Relationships in Portia: The Good, the Bad and the Loot!

Hey Portians! Today we’re coming to you with an exciting insight into how relationships, both friendship and more, will work in My Time at Portia. Not familiar with My Time at Portia? Check out the trailer below! For those who already have a residence in Portia, feel free to jump past the trailer and feast your eyes on the latest Alpha update below. Pathea’s forthcoming engrossing 3D sandbox RPG inspired by Animal Crossing, Harvest […]

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Worms W.M.D is available now on Nintendo Switch!

Worms W.M.D is live now on  Nintendo Switch!   The worms are back in their most destructive game yet and there’s never been a better time to get stuck in! Challenge your friends anytime, anywhere whilst taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s unique features including HD Rumble. But there’s so much more waiting for you, check out what you’ll be getting to grips with below…       Wonderfully 2D: The […]

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COMPETITION: Name an allied creature in Sword Legacy: Omen!

Greetings and salutations, strategy fans! If you’re here on this page then it’s because you’re interested in Sword Legacy: Omen, and we want to reward you with a unique chance to participate in the creation of the game! We are looking for two imaginative gamers who will come up with names for the raven and wolf. These are creatures summoned into battle by Flint, Sword Legacy: Omen’s archer and “Wild […]

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Worms W.M.D launches on Nintendo Switch next week!

Hey Community, Today at Team17 we are very excited to reveal that Worms W.M.D will officially be launching onto Nintendo Switch on 23rd November! Rocking a high rez, hand-drawn 2D look, over 80+ weapons including classics and new additions, crafting, vehicles and usable buildings, Worms W.M.D really is the best worms experience to date and rightfully takes the crown as the spiritual successor to Worms Armageddon – did we mention it […]

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Team17 on Discord!

We have launched an official Team17 Discord server! If you’re interested in chatting with likeminded gamers about Worms, The Escapists, Overcooked or any of other many franchises, this might be for you. Never heard of Discord? It’s an “all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers” that works on both desktop and mobile devices – and even in your browser if you don’t want to install anything. With Discord we are […]

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Worms W.M.D Halloween Map Competition Winners

Happy Halloween! Whether you’re looking for tricks or treats on this, the spookiest of days, the worms have been preparing for battle on some player created, Halloween themed maps. We challenged the creative players that reside within the Worms W.M.D community to come up with their interpretation of a Halloween themed map, with our favorite being chosen as the winner. The winner would be rewarded with a map spotlight on […]

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The Escapists 2 – Wicked Ward DLC Available Now!

The Escapists 2 is preparing for Halloween its suitably themed DLC, Wicked Ward. Things have taken an odd turn in the locked off wings of an abandoned hospital. A mad scientist and his hoard of undead guard their terror-tory within the gothic halls. Outside an ominous sky of thunder, rain and lightning blankets the surrounding woods. Once again, you’ll have to craft, fight and scheme your way to freedom from this […]

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Worms W.M.D – Hat & Building Editor

Today we are pleased to announce we’ve released the Hat & Building Editor update to our Worms W.M.D players on Steam! This free update utilises the versatility of the Steam Workshop to give all Worms W.M.D players on that platform the ability to design and implement their out Worm hats and usable buildings into the game, both in single and multiplayer modes. But wait, there’s more! With seamless integration into […]

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Introducing Forged Battalion!

Welcome, Commander. Today we are excited to reveal our partnership with veteran RTS developer, Petroglyph Games, to bring you an innovative new real-time strategy game that puts you in command of your own unique fighting force. That game is Forged Battalion. In Forged Battalion you will be tasked with building and customising your own unique faction as they fight in a variety of skirmish, solo, and multiplayer battles. You will not only […]

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Introducing My Time at Portia – Live now on Kickstarter

Today we’re excited to share that we’ve partnered with China based indie developer Pathea Games to bring My Time at Portia, Pathea’s forthcoming engrossing 3D sandbox RPG inspired by Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Dark Cloud 2 and the works of Miyazaki, to PC and consoles. Setting sail for Portia, a town on the edge of civilization, you’ll arrive to find a workshop left to you by your Pa – a […]

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